Whatcha need? Whatcha got? We got your back! Need some creative juice? Or maybe you need some muscle to get it done? Or maybe you just need a little push on the back end of the job? That’s where we come in.

No matter what the size, shape or goal of your video needs, we can make it happen. We’ve got the track record and know-how to get you the video you need. But we play it cool, do things your way. We’re like the cool kid in high school who was chill enough to be buds with dudes in the chess club.In the end, we’re just happy to do work we can be proud of. We offer production and post production support for production companies, idea makers, and businesses that want us to handle their video needs from start to finish. We’ll slot in to just about any role you ask us to. Then we double down, connecting our fellow production companies and social media know-it-alls from all over North America, that work in the same way we do. The collaborations allow us to connect your target to your video better than you’d ever imagine.

Bowes Media brings your ideas to fruition, on your terms, on your budget. That’s what we do!






Since its inception, Bowes Media has found a place in the media landscape, producing video focused on high impact story telling.

We’ve produced long format shows for the Red Bull Signature series on NBC, The Canadian Rally Championship on TSN and RDS and the Docu-reality series, Launch Control for Subaru of America. The question is, how do you take all these stories and melt them down to a reel that shows what you do? The answer is you don’t. So in our reel, you won’t see the stories we’ve told. You won’t seem the scope of the productions, but you will feel the excitement we’ve created.


Let’s be honest, if you’re on our site, you’ve probably already heard a thing or two about us, and odds are it was good.

No one says, “Oh, you need a video made? I know this terrible production company that makes absolutely un-inspired videos. You should check them out!” So, thanks for the props whoever you are. We could talk your ear off about our production philosophy and all that, but we have other sections of the website for that. We’re very comfortable letting our work speak for itself.


You’re two minutes into a great pop song. You’re dancing along. You’ve heard the chorus a couple of times and the verses are becoming redundant. You’re 5 seconds away from skipping to the next song. But then, the drum beat stops and it’s a whole new ball game, it builds up to that big final chorus sung slightly higher, and it blows the song out of the water! It’s an amazing moment, and there was a huge mix of people that brought that moment together. The artist wrote the song, the band thought of the arrangement, the label sent them to a studio and the producer helped find that huge hook that took the song from good to great. That’s us…all of’em. And we leave it up to you to pick our role. We can be there from the get go, we can arrange, or we can find the hook.


Sometimes it’s a daunting task. You have a great story, product, or service, and not the slightest idea of how to get the word out. Brainstorming can work wonders, but when you come up blank, then what? We have a track record of developing great ideas. We’ll find that angle that you haven’t managed to pin point. Even if you have your own team and aren’t looking for production help, we can help turn your video up to eleven.


Want us to butt-out? Not a problem. You have the idea faxed out and can see it in your mind…we have the man power for “on the day.” Let us arrange talented camera crews, production equipment rentals of any scale, or even just get you some strong-arms to lug stuff. We’ve done all that before. Plus we have some killer in house goodies that can help keep your project within its budget without over-spending on rentals.


The Bowes Media office comprises two nicely decked-out edit suites with everything you need and nothing you don’t. They are locked and loaded with over 100 terabytes of storage, and a pre-loaded with Final Cut 7 and 10, Premier Creative Suite, Adobe After Effects and a slew of other goodies. They are supported by 3 editing workstations that allow us to be finishing one part of a project while assembling rough cuts on three others, all on a single network. This means no transferring from one computer to another…just holler and go.


Yep! We have the hardware but also have the grey matter. Nothing against terabytes, but its just ones and zeros without the magic of creativity behind the keyboard. Probably the biggest part of our business is taking footage that isn’t ours, and transforming it into a cohesive and balanced piece.


So, video done. Uploaded to YouTube. And now you wait…Did you really work that hard, pay that much, for 167 views? Sometimes you need to get the word out about getting the word out. We have proven partners that can show real results. We can put together a social media plan to help grow your brand, work out a video delivery plan to integrate within an existing plan, and have a solid track record of delivering finished products for broadcast both North and South of the border.

What’s up

You know that friend that you haven’t seen in forever, and you ask them how they have been? You know, the friend who always answers the same way every time, “Oh dude…so busy.” That’s us.


Talk is cheap, and bragging even cheaper…

and we realize we’ve been doing some pretty hefty bragging on this site. So check out these details below and let us show you the proof.

Bowes Media Inc.

8255 Mountain Sights Ave.
Suite 503
Montreal, QC  H4P 2B5